A dedicated team: our greatest asset

Bogdan takes great pride in its outstanding pool of experts. Our team is made up of planners, designers, architects, craftsmen and a wonderful troop of support staff.


Regardless of your particular construction needs, we have the personnel to get the task done quickly and efficiently.


Meet some of our staff below. If you're interested in joining our team, you can also explore our career opportunities.

Board of directors

First Name Last Name

Chairman of the Board


First Name Last Name

Chief Executive Officer


First Name Last Name

Chief Financial Officer

Creative Director

Firstname Lastname


Career: LastName comes from London. He graduated from Manchester University in 1992, and was immediately recruited to work with Bogdan's creative department. He was promoted to the position of Creative Director on the basis of his abilities in 2002 .


Construction & Development

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Career: Short career

Bogdan Kieltyka

11 Parkfields Ave  


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